Deadly Waters (2015) – review for ukhorrorscene

Another zero-budget British horror review here for – Deadly Waters is about a seaside town where men keep disappearing mysteriously. Is it a killer? Are they running away? Is it something to do with the legends of the bloodthirsty sirens living off the shores? There’s only one way to find out! See my review HERE & social media links are at the end the reivew to keep up with release information!



The Zombie King (2013) – Review for ukhorrorscene

Unusual in the horror genre, this is a low budget zombie movie. However, with a lot of dry British humour and cameos from Edward Furlong & Corey Feldman it stands out a bit more than the standard fare. Despite being made in 2013 it’s only getting a UK DVD release this August. Is the saying true; “good things come to those who wait”? My review is on ukhorrorscene here!

The Twisted Death of a Lonely Madman (2014) – Review on ukhorrorscene

Exciting news! I am going to be writing for, reviewing new DVD releases and the like. I’ll still be posting regular nonsense on here, along with the occasional link to external reviews I do for ukhorrorscene. My first review for them went up yesterday, of the excellent low budget British psychological horror, The Twisted Death of a Lonely Madman. Click the image to give it a read!