I am Cameron Richardson, the male one in his mid-20’s from the Highlands of Scotland in who now lives in Norway, not the American actress from House & Alvin and the Chipmunks; a simple mistake that has lead to a number of awkward exchanges over twitter with young men remarking on how attractive I am.

Not me.

On this blog you’ll find reviews of various films and opinions on film-related news, most likely centering on horrors as the  name suggests, but there’ll be plenty of other genres I’m interested in, like B-Movies, Cult films, and my favourite hidden gems; the ‘So-Bad-They’re-Good’ (along with the inevitable ‘so-bad-they’re- just-bad’ ones).

Keep arms & legs inside the cart, secure all loose belongings & expect cynicism, sarcasm, and polarised opinions.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there, trying to get in touch regarding something I’ve been working on that I think you’d be interested in. Love the site, also love the worst movies ever; a frequent thing out of my mouth is “it’s SO good! Well… okay it’s fucking terrible, but SO GOOD.”

    What’s a good email for you?

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