And so it begins…

Welcome, Facebook / Twitter friends who followed my link and anyone who googled any of the key phrases that might appear in this blog, such as “Is Pope Frances a reptilian?”, “How to lose weight without dieting” and “Scarlett Johannson Nude” – apologies to anyone searching these phrases, your visiting my site & boosting my reader figures is appreciated but this blog won’t serve any of your requirements. Just as a heads up though, only one of the three will yield any trustworthy results.

I digress.

This blog is to be my platform for ranting and raving about any films I watch over the course of January / 2014 / the 21st century / all eternity (Delete as applicable depending on how long I stay interested in doing this) and occasionally my opinions on any movie news, with perhaps the odd sprinkling of other equally important slices of opinion and fleeting thoughts. While I have had great success on twitter; literally tens of people have followed my updates on movies, Tories & inane instragram photos; I often find 140 characters a bit restricting in accurately conveying my full opinion of 90+ minutes of film. 

Often, but not always

Often, but not always

I intend to steer it towards horror as much as possible, that being the genre I am fanatic about and as such consider myself to have the strongest and most informed opinions on, however no doubt I’ll lose track occasionally and find I’ve written 2000 words about Mean Girls. It’ll be made up of a cocktail of reviews of new releases, not-quite-new releases, classics, not-so-classics and everything inbetween with little sense of reason beyond the simple fact that these are the films I have watched and the thoughts that I have thought.  So, without further ado, I declare this blog open for business.

[Gives up and deletes website]


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